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Vale Margot Gibson

The executive Committee advise members of the sad passing of Life Member Margot Gibson on the 12th February.

Margot was a founding and Life Member of Bayview Tennis Club. She joined the MEMRLTA Committee in 1971 and served till 1990. She held the positions of Vice President for many years and President for 5 years. She was awarded MEMRLTA Life Membership in 1984.

Mobile Phone Use

It has recently been brought to the Committee's attention that there has been inappropriate use of mobile phones between change of ends.

Please remember that mobile phones are to be either put on silent or switched off during play (as per By-law 2e). Play is continuous and change of ends (90 seconds) is for a drink only, NOT for responding to text messages or calls.

If there is an emergency, please explain the situation to the opposition. They will understand. However, if the situation causes an extended halt in play, more than 10 minutes, as is stated in By-law 14b, please consider using an eligible substitute (one hour is allowed for the substitute to arrive as in By-law 14c), thus enabling you to deal with the situation.

Please note that play shall resume where left off, that is, the substitute shall continue for the remainder of the set that was interrupted and for the remainder of the match.

We ask that teams respect their opposition in making decisions regarding the use of mobile phones during play.

Team Entry Forms for Winter 2019 Season

Team Entry Forms for the Winter 2019 Season have been emailed to Club Contacts. These forms are also available for download on our Resources & Spare Forms page.

Entries must be received by the Secretary, Fiona Dwyer, by Tuesday 12th March (the last round of the current Summer Seasaon). The Winter Season will commence on Tuesday 2nd April.

If you cannot submit a team this season, please let the Association know as soon as possible as sometimes other clubs are in need of a player or two for a season. Similarly, if you are in need of an extra player, contact us, there may be times when we can assist.

Update to Summer Fixture Book

Ladders for Downloading & Printing

Ladder for Summer 2018/19 Season - up to and including round 14 (12/2/19)

Points by round for Summer 2018/19 Season - up to and including round 14 (12/2/19)

Live Ladders & Match Results from tennis.com.au (Match Centre)

Please report any discrepancies to the Record Secretary ASAP.

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