Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, Melbourne, Australia


Declaring a Heatout

Please note that the Bureau of Meteorology phone number you need to use to confirm the temperature before declaring a heatout has changed from 1196 to 1300 163 578. Please update your fixture book (by-law 12f).

Team Entry Forms & Cards for Winter 2020 Season

Completed entries must be received by Tuesday 10th March. Season commences 14th April.

Winter 2020 Team Entry Forms .pdf file (pdf version) OR

Winter 2020 Team Entry Forms .docx file (Word version)

Air Quality Policy

In January, Melbourne experienced several days of very bad air quality with potential harmful effects on health. As a result, the MEMRLTA Committee has developed the following Air Quality Policy:

In the event that the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria forecasts Melbourne's air quality as "very poor" or "hazardous" for a day when MEMRLTA matches are scheduled to be played, the MEMRLTA Committee will cancel all matches for that day.

Read more about our Air Quality Policy

Notice for Section 10 Teams

Glenburn has withdrawn its section 10 team for the season. All games and match points previously won or lost in the few matches that Glenburn played this season have been deleted and the ladder readjusted. If you were scheduled to play Glenburn in the upcoming Rounds, you will now have a bye. As there are now two byes in this section, we suggest that the two teams with a scheduled bye contact each other to arrange a 'friendly' match.

Update to Fixture & List of Clubs

Ladders for Downloading & Printing

Ladder for Summer 2019/20 Season - up to and including round 15 (18/2/20)

Points by round for Summer 2019/20 Season - up to and including round 15 (18/2/20)

Live Ladders & Match Results from tennis.com.au (Match Centre)

Please report any discrepancies to the Record Secretary ASAP.

Click on "MEMRLTA Summer 2019/20" below and then on the section you want to see.


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