Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, Melbourne, Australia


Result Entry and Result Comments

PLEASE can all comments made on the score sheet at every MEMRLTA match be transcribed into the comments section when the results are being entered into Match Centre, the online scoring system.

Comments may include:

There is now a section for the CONFIRMING (away) team to make a comment also.

If a Registration is not mentioned in the comments, the emergency will be considered an 'unregistered player' and the team using the emergency will now automatically lose the games played by the emergency as per By-Law 5f. The Record Secretary will NOT be phoning to chase up the details.

Failure to enter the required information correctly and completely into Match Centre will mean a fine of $5.00 to the home team (By-law 13a(iv)).

As always, the Record Secretary is available to answer questions if you are having any issues with the Match Centre entries.


Example of registration details of emergencies on the paper score sheet:

scoresheet entry


Example of registration details of emergencies in the Match Comments box in Match Centre:

Match Centre entry

Changes to Fixture

The phone number for the captain of Doncaster Section 4 is 0412 233 710.

Players Wanted

Ladders for Downloading & Printing

Ladder for Summer 2017/18 Season - up to and including Round 13 (12/12/17)

Points by round for Summer 2017/18 Season - up to and including Round 13 (12/12/17)

Live Ladders & Match Results from tennis.com.au (Match Centre)

Please report any discrepancies to the Record Secretary ASAP.

Click on "MEMRLTA Summer 2017/18" below and then on the section you want to see.

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