Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, Melbourne, Australia


Team Entry Forms for Summer 2016/17 Season

Entries must be received by TUESDAY 14th MARCH, 2017
Season commences Tuesday 18th APRIL, 2017 (Winter Season 2017 to be an 8 team draw)

Winter 2017 Team Entry Forms .pdf file (pdf version) OR

Winter 2017 Team Entry Forms .docx file (Word version)

Players Wanted

Notice to Section 11 Teams

Due to injuries and ill health, Eley Park’s Section 11 team has now, unfortunately, withdrawn. Position 3 of the draw will now be a bye. All points and percentage scored in respect of the matches against this Eley Park team before their withdrawal shall be cancelled.

Amendments to Fixture Books

Sections 3 & 10: Change of venue for Camberwell United matches

Due to renovation works at Camberwell United Tennis Club, their teams (sections 3 & 10) will be playing their home matches at East Camberwell Tennis Club, corner Riversdale Rd and Spencer Street (set in Riversdale Park), East Camberwell, for the summer season or until further notice.

Dates for 2017 Winter Season

The 2017 Winter Season will have an 8-team draw instead of the usual 10-team draw.

Ladders for Downloading & Printing

Ladder for Summer 2016/17 Season - up to and including Round 14 (14/2/17)

Points by round for Summer 2016/17 Season - up to and including Round 14 (14/2/17)

Live Ladders & Match Results from tennis.com.au (Match Centre)

Please report any discrepancies to the Record Secretary ASAP.

Click on "MEMRLTA Summer 2016/17" below and then on the section you want to see.

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