Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, Melbourne, Australia


2020 AGM

The 2020 AGM of MEMRLTA Inc will be held on Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 7:30pm via Zoom.

The Committee is hopeful that all Clubs will attend, using this different format. We will make the meeting as streamlined as possible, but will give the members every opportunity to be involved.

With this in mind, the Committee requests that Clubs consider delaying the submission of any By-law amendment changes. The Committee will not be offering any By-law amendments. We are aware that this is an unusual request but bearing in mind that our 2021 AGM will be held 8 months later, any proposed By-law amendment submissions being considered, could/will be able to be discussed in greater length at that time.

Again, we are calling for Committee nominations for 2020/21. We currently have 11 Committee members (maximum of 12). We are hopeful that we will receive new nominations. Please speak to your members about nominating.

Download the MEMRLTA 2020 AGM Notice & Committee Nomination Form

Nominations and proposed amendments must reach the Secretary,Fiona Dwyer, 40 Arbroath Road, Wantirna South, 3152 or by 18th September 2020.

Summer 2020/21 Season

Last updated 19 August 2020—Teams have been graded into 8-team sections in readiness for the start of the Summer Season. Due to not knowing a start date and what weeks will be available, we have not finalised the draw, so therefore, we will not be advising you of the grading until we have a definite start date and the draw can be done.

We are still hopeful for a November start. If this is the case, the Summer Season will be completely played - with 14 matches and 2 weeks of Finals. We do have other plans in place if the start date is later.

We have been in constant contact with Tennis Victoria and will be following any recommendations regarding a safe return to play that they deem important to implement.

To all our members, please stay safe and well.

COVID-19 Rules

The Committee is working closely with Tennis Victoria to find a way forward to play safely under COVID-19 restrictions. The fine details will be posted before the start of the Summer Season, but will include:

The message will be: Arrive, PLAY, Leave!

Players Wanted

Ladders for Downloading & Printing

Ladder for Summer 2019/20 Season - up to and including round 18 (10/3/20)

Points by round for Summer 2019/20 Season - up to and including round 18 (10/3/20)

Live Ladders & Match Results from tennis.com.au (Match Centre)

Please report any discrepancies to the Record Secretary ASAP.

Click on "MEMRLTA Summer 2019/20" below and then on the section you want to see.


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