Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, Melbourne, Australia

2018 Annual General Meeting

The 2018 AGM of MEMRLTA Inc was held on 19th June 2018.

Proposed Amendments to By-Laws

The all proposed amendments were passed. They are:


Amendment to By-Law 4(a): Court Attire (pg 22)

Words in RED to be DELETED. Words in GREEN to be ADDED.

"Approved tennis garments, i.e. skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts and correct footwear must be worn. Track suits/compression garments may be worn under/over tennis clothing when warranted. Incorrect dress means a player is not ready to commence play, and set may be claimed as per By-law 9(a). Failure to wear correct tennis attire, a $10 fine will be issued."

The Committee’s supporting statement:-
Correct tennis attire has always been a mantra of MEMRLTA. The taking of a set for incorrect tennis attire has very, very rarely been applied. This By-law submission enables the Committee and teams to now address those not adhering to the wearing of correct tennis attire, if those offending do not adhere, the match can proceed without the need to delay the match.

This revised By-law allows the non-offending team to make note of the attire violation in the comments section of the results in Match centre and the fine will be issued by the Committee.

Also, the (a) in the 4(a) to be removed as it is not needed.


Amendment to By-Law 5(f): Registration of Players (pg 23)

Words in RED to be DELETED.

"In the event of a team playing an unregistered or ineligible player, that team, if it wins, shall forfeit the points for the match to the offended team. Games won and lost by the offending player shall not count in the team’s total. Offended team shall be awarded all sets in which the offending player participated. (Eight games to nil)."

The Committee’s supporting statement:-
Registration of a club emergency requires filling the details on the paper score sheet provided and the home team, then noting this information in the comments section, when entering the result in Match centre. By-law 13(a) iv describes the penalties for not completing the registration procedure correctly, ie fine ($5) for the team not writing the registration details on the paper score sheet and a fine ($5) for the home team, if these registration comments are not entered into Match centre.


Amendment to By-Law 16(b): Finals (pg 28)

Words in RED to be DELETED. Words in GREEN to be ADDED.

"The result of last home and away, Semi-Final and Grand Final matches must be submitted by the home team via the online scoring system by 8pm the Tuesday following the day of the match. Failure to have results submitted by the designated time will result in the offending team being fined as per By-Law 13 (a) iii."


Executive Committee Elected for 2018/19

President: Judy Lambert
Vice President: Hope Stewart
Secretary: Fiona Dwyer
Treasurer: Sandra Daly
Record Secretaries: Christine Youings and Jackie Aslett
Committee: Tina Aslanidis, Faye Berryman, Roslyn Brereton, Renee Paterson

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