Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, Melbourne, Australia


Starting Time—Summer Season

All Summer Season final matches are to commence at 9:30am By-law 15(e).
Please aim to be at the courts 20 minutes before the scheduled start of play. All warm ups should be completed by 9:30am. Play is to commence at 9:30am.


If there is a dispute which cannot be resolved by the teams in the semi-final, please ring Fiona Dwyer on 9800 1875 or 0417 399 768. A member of the Executive will be present at all Grand Finals.

Also see the Rules of Tennis (167KB pdf file)


If a washout or heatout is absolutely necessary, the match must be completed prior to the following Tuesday. See By-law 15(f). Under no circumstances are indoor courts to be used.


Please be sure to leave the premises clean and tidy—this is the responsibility of the players.


Home Captains (ie the team listed FIRST on the Finals Notice & score sheet)

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