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MEMRLTA greatly appreciates the support Tension 24 has given us over many years.

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MEMRLTA is a Tuesday women's doubles inter-club tennis competition in the Melbourne eastern metropolitan area. New teams and players welcome! Learn more >


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Changes to Match Centre

Adding New Emergencies

When entering match results, the ability to add an emergency player who already exists in the Match Centre database will remain. If the player does not exist in the database, then she will be required to register herself via Match Centre to obtain a Tennis ID before you (or even the MEMRLTA Record Secretary) can add her to the team's player list and match results.

To register, the new player will need to go to Match Centre and click on "Register" or "Sign In" and then click on "JOIN HERE".

Your Tennis Rating

universal tennis rating

Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) are replacing Tennis Australia (TA) Ratings, and TA Ratings will be removed from Match Centre.

In order to view your UTR on your player profile in Match Centre (if you don't already see it), you must activate your UTR via Match Centre and link your UT account with your Tennis ID. An ‘Activate’ button will be visible on your Match Centre dashboard.

Find our more about the UTR 

Grand Final Results 

See results and photos for all sections including Sections 1 and 4.

Players Wanted

Match Results & Ladders