Mobile Phones

A reminder that mobile telephones must be turned to silent or turned off while any matches are in progress. An infringement of this rule will incur a $10 fine. (By-law 2e)


1 Donvale Blue def Kooyong Blue 40-20
2 Eildon Park def Croydon 39-24
3 Kooyong def Camberwell United 41-40
4 Vermont South def Wheelers Hill 44-32
5 Legend Park def Donvale 48-17 (last 2 sets forfeited)
6 North Balwyn def Ferntree Gully 21-9 (then FTG forfeited remainder of match)
7 Kew def St Cecilia's 43-28
8 Kew def North Ringwood 32-10 (last 2 sets not played)

section 1 teams
Section 1 Team Comradery - Kooyong Blue & Donvale Blue

section 1 winners donvale blue
Section 1 Winners of the Kathy Rehe Perpetual Winter Trophy: Donvale Blue

section 2 winners eildon park
Section 2 Winners Eildon Park

section 2 runners up croydon
Section 2 Runners Up Croydon

section 3 winners kooyong
Section 3 Winners Kooyong

section 3 runners up camberwell united
Section 3 Runners Up Camberwell United

section 4 winners vermont south
Section 4 Winners Vermont South

section 4 runners up wheelers hill
Section 4 Runners Up Wheelers Hill

section 5 winners legend park
Section 5 Winners Legend Park

section 5 runners up donvale gold
Section 5 Runners Up Donvale

section 6 winners North Balwyn
Section 6 Winners North Balwyn

section 6 runners up ferntree gully
Section 6 Runners Up Ferntree Gully

section 6 grand final teams
Section 6 Runners Up Ferntree Gully & Winners North Balwyn

section 7 winners kew
Section 7 Winners Kew

section 7 runners up st cecelias
Section 7 Runners Up St. Cecelia's

section 8 winners kew
Section 8 Winners Kew

section 8 runners up north ringwood
Section 8 Runners Up North Ringwood