The Purpose of the Code

We are committed to protecting the integrity of tennis and ensuring that we provide a safe, healthy, and positive environment to all members of our MEMRLTA community.

All MEMRLTA participants are bound by the Code of Conduct.

Expected Behaviours 

It is expected that participants at all times will:

Standard Code Violations

Standard code violations include but are not limited to:

Grievance Procedure

All grievances must be in writing to the MEMRLTA Secretary ( ), via the Club Contact, clearly stating the date, time and nature of the alleged breach of this Code.

MEMRLTA will notify the Club Contact of the club of which the alleged offending participant is a member that a grievance has been lodged.

The grievance will be considered within a reasonable timeframe by the Committee who will investigate the claim using whatever methods are deemed appropriate.

The Committee will decide what penalty will be imposed, if any. Should the participant be found to have committed a breach, the Committee will impose a penalty consistent with the severity and circumstances (for example, multiple infringements) which may result in a suspension or ban from MEMRLTA activities. 

If deemed appropriate at any stage during the process, MEMRLTA will notify the President of the club of which the offending participant is a member.

The decision of the Committee is final.