The 2024 AGM was held on Tuesday 12th June.

Glen Waverley Awarded the Anne Hubbard Trophy

Anne Hubbard Trophy winner Glen Waverley
Glen Waverley representative, Kim Horton (right), accepting the Anne Hubbard Trophy from MEMRLTA Record Secretary Christine Youings

The Anne Hubbard Trophy is presented to the Club obtaining the best teams’ performance over the previous two seasons and it is calculated using the end of season ladders.

Amendments to By-Laws

Download the 2024 Agenda including proposed amendments to MEMRLTA by-laws

The amendments proposed by the Executive Committee to by-law 7 regarding Emergencies and by-law 8 regarding Pool Emergencies were passed by the Club Representatives. Below is a summary of the approved amendments, but see our by-laws page for full detail:

Donvale Tennis Club proposed a change to by-law 4 regarding Court Attire, but this proposed amendment was not passed by the Club Representatives.

Committee Elected for 2024/25

President: Hope Stewart
Vice President: Jackie Aslett
Secretary: Fiona Dwyer
Treasurer: Christine Shearer
Record Secretaries: Christine Youings and Helen Williams
Committee: Skye Berman, Ros Brereton, Noelene Duckett and Jessica Fary