What is Match Centre?

Match Centre is run by Tennis Australia and is where you can:

To use Match Centre, you must have:

  1. a Match Centre login account AND
  2. your Match Centre login account linked to your Player Profile

We highly encourage and recommend that each team member have a Match Centre login with a linked Player Profile so that any team member can enter match results for your team.

How-To Instructions

General Instructions

Adding a new Emergency

When adding a new Emergency to a team list in Match Centre, if the player does not exist in the database, then she will be required to register herself via Match Centre to obtain a Tennis ID before she can be added to the team's player list and match results. See:
How to Create a New Match Centre Login Account & Obtain a Tennis ID
and see:
How to add a new player in match results

Missing Match Records / Unable to Enter Match Results

If there are matches missing from your profile, especially from the current season, this may be due to duplicate profiles existing for you. See:
How to get your match records linked to your profile


Tennis Australia help line: 1800 752 983 (option 2: Tennis Support Systems)
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm