EDWTA Emergency Pool

EDWTA is an Association who play on Wednesdays with a similar format to MEMRLTA. They are also looking for players to join their Emergency Pool list. If you are interested, see the EDWTA website.


Please note: If you are ALREADY a member of our Emergency Pool or have been a member previously, you DO NOT need to re-apply! Please send us an email at to let us know you wish to continue or re-join!

You Will Need a 'Tennis ID' 

Because MEMRLTA's match results are entered online into Tennis Australia's Match Centre, each player is required to have a unique Tennis ID. If you already have a login account for Match Centre, please login to find out your Tennis ID. The number displayed under your name is your Tennis ID, which is an eleven digit number beginning with '66'.

If you don't already have a login account for Match Centre:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account with Tennis by selecting ‘REGISTER’ followed by 'REGISTER HERE' on the following screen.
  3. Complete the form and select 'NEXT', followed by 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.
  4. Once logged in, find and copy (or write down) you Tennis ID number. This will be located under your name on your profile.

Emergency Pool Application Form

*Required information

I agree that MEMRLTA may display my name, phone number(s) and availability on the MEMRLTA website.*