Winter 2024 Fixture - 8-team draw

Captains: Please read our Notes for Captains and guidelines for playing Emergency Players.

Players: You can view as well as print your fixture, court locations and contact details of team captains from your Section page by clicking on your section button below.

Please note that as we have graded back to our usual 10-team sections from 8-team sections, the 'number' of your Section may be higher than you expected.  This does not necessarily mean that you have been 'upgraded' to a higher section. The teams with you in each section will give you an idea of the standard of the grade. See below for a further explanation of section numbers for an 8-team draw compared to a 10-team draw.


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Teams in each section

Section 1

  1. Royal South Yarra
  2. Glen Waverley
  3. Eley Park
  4. South Hawthorn
  5. Templestowe Park
  6. Donvale
  7. Kooyong Blue
  8. Kooyong Gold

Section 2

  1. City of Camberwell
  2. Eildon Park
  3. North Balwyn
  4. Croydon
  5. Warrandyte
  6. Donvale
  7. Wonga Park
  8. Kooyong

Section 3

  1. Camberwell United
  2. Koonung Park
  3. Gardiner
  4. East Malvern
  5. Eltham
  6. North Balwyn
  7. Kooyong
  8. Vermont South

Section 4

  1. East Camberwell
  2. Glenvale
  3. Legend Park
  4. St Cecilia's
  5. Donvale
  6. Nunawading
  7. Ringwood Central
  8. Wheelers Hill

Section 5

  1. Glen Waverley
  2. CUTC at East Camberwell
  3. Eley Park
  4. Hallam
  5. Burwood
  6. Canterbury
  7. Doncaster
  8. Heatherdale

Section 6

  1. Bayview
  2. Koonung Park
  3. St Cecilia's
  4. Eley Park
  5. Donvale
  6. Ferntree Gully
  7. Holy Saviour
  8. MCC Glen Iris Valley

Section 7

  1. Bulleen
  2. Camberwell United
  3. Legend Park
  4. Hallam
  5. Currawong
  6. Donvale
  7. Knox City
  8. North Ringwood

What's in a Name—section numbers for an 8-team draw compared to a 10-team draw

When transitioning back to our usual 10-team draw from a season with an 8-team draw, it might appear as if your team has been unexpectedly upgraded to a higher section.

When the MEMRLTA Committee grades teams for an upcoming season, we try to place all teams in order from the very strongest to the very weakest—one giant ladder. This giant ladder is then sectioned off into the different grades, with a few byes thrown in to make up numbers.

Last winter we had 66 teams graded into nine 8-team sections (with 6 byes). The Summer 2023/24 season has 67 teams but graded into seven 10-team sections (with 3 byes). 

The illustration below shows the cut off points for creating different grades for an 10-team draw and a 8-team draw.

section numbers for 8-team draw compared to 10-team draw