Commencement Address by Roger Federer

roger federer

At Dartmouth College, the retired tennis champion offered his thoughts on winning and losing.

"In the 1,526 singles matches I played in my career, I won almost 80 percent of those matches," Federer said. "Now, I have a question for all of you. What percentage of the points do you think I won in those matches?"

The answer was 54 percent.

"In other words," he said, "even top-ranked tennis players win barely more than half of the points they play. When you lose every second point on average, you learn not to dwell on every shot."

He went on, "The truth is, whatever game you play in life, sometimes you’re going to lose. A point, a match, a season, a job….The best in the world are not the best because they win every point. It's because they know they'll lose again and again, and have learned how to deal with it."


Anne Hubbard
Anne Hubbard in 2016

In 1958, Anne Hubbard from the Ringwood Scots Tennis Club proposed that the local Saturday Competition, namely Eastern Metropolitan Lawn Tennis Association, introduce a ladies' mid-week competition. This was formed and Anne became the first Secretary and Record Secretary.

The mid-week competition began to grow and in 1963 the parent, EMRLTA, decided it would be more manageable for the Ladies' Competition to form their own Committee but remain subject to the main body.

In 1982, the mid-week competition became completely autonomous and became known as Midweek Eastern Metropolitan Region Ladies' Tennis Association, or MEMRLTA for short.


Anne Hubbard Perpetual Trophy

In recognition of Anne Hubbard's commitment to the Association, the Executive Committee introduced the Anne Hubbard Perpetual Trophy which is presented annually to the club whose overall performance over the Winter and Summer Seasons is the best.

Recent Winners of the Anne Hubbard Perpetual Trophy

2018 Warrandyte
2019 Burwood
2020 Burwood
2021 & 2022 Not presented as 2 seasons were not played in the previous 12 months due to the COVID pandemic
2023 North Balwyn

Nan Butler Memorial Trophy

The trophy for the Section 1 Summer Season is known as the Nan Butler Memorial Trophy, after a former MEMRLTA Secretary.

Recent Winners of the Nan Butler Memorial Trophy

2017/18 Kooyong Blue
2018/19 Kooyong Blue
2019/20 Finals cancelled due to COVID. Trophy not awarded.
2020/21 Kooyong Blue
2021/22 There was no Summer Season as the 2021 Winter Season extended into March 2022 due to multiple pandemic lockdowns.
2022/23 Kooyong Blue
2023/24 Donvale Blue
Kathy Rehe with trophy
Kathy Rehe

Kathy Rehe Perpetual Winter Trophy

In 2018, in recognition of retiring Committee & Life Member Kathy Rehe's 42 years of service on the Committee, the Section 1 Winter Season trophy was named the Kathy Rehe Perpetual Winter Trophy.

Winners of the Kathy Rehe Perpetual Winter Trophy

2019 Kooyong Blue
2020 Season not played due to COVID
2021 Donvale Blue
2022 Donvale Blue
2023 Glen Waverley

Life Members