Section 2 Teams and Fixture - Winter 2024


The preferred starting time listed for each team is for their home matches, not their away matches.

Tips for Preventing Dehydration

1. City of Camberwell

10 Trumper St, Camberwell


Courts: 5 en-tout-cas

Captain: Vicky Nolan 0415 769 922
   and Yoshi Gilbert 0429 367 820
Preferred starting time: 9:45am

2. Eildon Park

69 Eildon Pde, Rowville


Courts: 9 mod grass

Captain: Tracy Rumble
   0401 477 633
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

3. North Balwyn

57a Buchanan Ave, North Balwyn
opposite bowling club


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas, 4 synthetic clay

Captain: Kaye Johnson
   0401 005 771
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

4. Croydon

Croydon Park, Hewish Rd, Croydon


Courts: 4 synthetic clay

Captain: Kath Van Tonder
   0412 803 838
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

5. Warrandyte

Taroona Reserve, Taroona Ave, Warrandyte


Courts: 6 en-tout-cas

Captain: Esther Owen
   0419 509 273
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

6. Donvale

Donvale Reserve (second entrance)
parking off Mitcham Rd near soccer pavilion & rear of oval


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas, 6 synthetic clay

Captain: Judy Hancy
   0438 775 611
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

7. Wonga Park

Old Yarra Rd, Wonga Park


Courts: 5 en-tout-cas, 3 hard court

Captain: Jenny Wilson
   0414 337 449
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

8. Kooyong

489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong


Courts: en-tout-cas

Captain: Kimberley Mustow 0418 213 005
   and Lisa Boothby 0418 179 320
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

Parking: visiting teams please park in the northern carpark, adjacent to the stadium.


Rd Date Home Away
1 16 Apr City of Camberwell Kooyong
North Balwyn Donvale
Warrandyte Croydon
Wonga Park Eildon Park
2 23 Apr Eildon Park Warrandyte
Croydon North Balwyn
Donvale City of Camberwell
Kooyong Wonga Park
3 30 Apr City of Camberwell Croydon
North Balwyn Eildon Park
Warrandyte Wonga Park
Kooyong Donvale
4 7 May Eildon Park City of Camberwell
Warrandyte Kooyong
Croydon Donvale
Wonga Park North Balwyn
5 14 May City of Camberwell Wonga Park
North Balwyn Warrandyte
Donvale Eildon Park
Kooyong Croydon
6 21 May Eildon Park Croydon
North Balwyn Kooyong
Warrandyte City of Camberwell
Wonga Park Donvale
7 28 May City of Camberwell North Balwyn
Croydon Wonga Park
Donvale Warrandyte
Kooyong Eildon Park
8 4 Jun Kooyong City of Camberwell
Donvale North Balwyn
Croydon Warrandyte
Eildon Park Wonga Park
9 11 Jun Warrandyte Eildon Park
North Balwyn Croydon
City of Camberwell Donvale
Wonga Park Kooyong
10 18 Jun Croydon City of Camberwell
Eildon Park North Balwyn
Wonga Park Warrandyte
Donvale Kooyong
11 25 Jun City of Camberwell Eildon Park
Kooyong Warrandyte
Donvale Croydon
North Balwyn Wonga Park
12 16 Jul Wonga Park City of Camberwell
Warrandyte North Balwyn
Eildon Park Donvale
Croydon Kooyong
13 23 Jul Croydon Eildon Park
Kooyong North Balwyn
City of Camberwell Warrandyte
Donvale Wonga Park
14 30 Jul North Balwyn City of Camberwell
Wonga Park Croydon
Warrandyte Donvale
Eildon Park Kooyong
Finals Fixture