Section 3 Teams and Fixture - Winter 2024


The preferred starting time listed for each team is for their home matches, not their away matches.

Tips for Preventing Dehydration

1. Camberwell United

5 Sefton Place, Camberwell
off Broadway via Stanhope St


Courts: 3 synthetic clay

Captain: Pauline Ferrarese
   0413 587 135
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

2. Koonung Park

cnr Springfield Rd & Heppner St
North Blackburn


Courts: 5 en-tout-cas, 4 synthetic clay

Captain: Jenny Brown
   0413 208 082
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

3. Gardiner

2-14 Kyarra Rd, Glen Iris


Courts: 5 en-tout-cas

Captain: Christine Youings
   0418 143 451
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

4. East Malvern

15 Moira St, Glen Iris


Courts: 10 en-tout-cas

Captain: Jenny Turner
   0432 597 116
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

5. Eltham

2 Youth Road, Eltham
Note: There is a lot of road work going on opposite the club. Please allow extra time for parking a distance away.


Courts: 3 en-tout-cas, 5 synthetic clay, 2 hard court

Captain: Bec Delahunt
   0403 567 533
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

6. North Balwyn

57a Buchanan Ave, North Balwyn
opposite bowling club


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas, 4 synthetic clay

Captain: Jessie Pang
   0432 880 657
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

7. Kooyong

489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong


Courts: en-tout-cas

Captain: Sally Addison 0419 387 584 and
   Nalda Mannix 0433 919 876
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

Parking: visiting teams please park in the northern carpark, adjacent to the stadium.

8. Vermont South

30A Livingstone Rd, Vermont South


Courts: 7 en-tout-cas

Captain: Libby Ferguson
   0418 141 134
Preferred starting time: 9:30am


Rd Date Home Away
1 16 Apr Camberwell United Vermont South
Gardiner North Balwyn
Eltham East Malvern
Kooyong Koonung Park
2 23 Apr Koonung Park Eltham
East Malvern Gardiner
North Balwyn Camberwell United
Vermont South Kooyong
3 30 Apr Camberwell United East Malvern
Gardiner Koonung Park
Eltham Kooyong
Vermont South North Balwyn
4 7 May Koonung Park Camberwell United
Eltham Vermont South
East Malvern North Balwyn
Kooyong Gardiner
5 14 May Camberwell United Kooyong
Gardiner Eltham
North Balwyn Koonung Park
Vermont South East Malvern
6 21 May Koonung Park East Malvern
Gardiner Vermont South
Eltham Camberwell United
Kooyong North Balwyn
7 28 May Camberwell United Gardiner
East Malvern Kooyong
North Balwyn Eltham
Vermont South Koonung Park
8 4 Jun Vermont South Camberwell United
North Balwyn Gardiner
East Malvern Eltham
Koonung Park Kooyong
9 11 Jun Eltham Koonung Park
Gardiner East Malvern
Camberwell United North Balwyn
Kooyong Vermont South
10 18 Jun East Malvern Camberwell United
Koonung Park Gardiner
Kooyong Eltham
North Balwyn Vermont South
11 25 Jun Camberwell United Koonung Park
Vermont South Eltham
North Balwyn East Malvern
Gardiner Kooyong
12 16 Jul Kooyong Camberwell United
Eltham Gardiner
Koonung Park North Balwyn
East Malvern Vermont South
13 23 Jul East Malvern Koonung Park
Vermont South Gardiner
Camberwell United Eltham
North Balwyn Kooyong
14 30 Jul Gardiner Camberwell United
Kooyong East Malvern
Eltham North Balwyn
Koonung Park Vermont South
Finals Fixture