Team Entry Forms for MEMRLTA's Summer 2024/25 Season


  1. Provide details about your Club, Club Contact and how you will be paying (via internet banking or cheque) by using the Club & Club Contact Details Form below. Submit this form only once, regardless of how many teams you are entering. Banking details and the Treasurer's mailing address will be sent to the Club Contact's email address after the form is submitted. 
  2. Complete a separate Team Entry Form for each team. You don't have to submit all teams at the same time. You may come back at a later time to submit more teams. 
  3. Send your payment either via direct debit or cheque to MEMRLTA. 

Important dates


Club & Club Contact Details Form 

Club Details

This information is used for the fixture.

Number of courts of each surface type:

synthetic clay
mod grass
hard court
Club Contact Details

MEMRLTA sends important notices and information to each Club Contact throughout the season.

If you are not the Club Contact, please provide your details below:

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